The relationship between an Importer and their Customs Broker is a vital part of the supply chain.

A clever Customs Broker needs to understand what the products are that are being imported so that they can apply the correct classification. They need to be vigilant to ensure unnecessary duties are not being paid by the client - whilst keeping to the rules.

Incorrect classifications can mean that an importer is “marked” by New Zealand Customs, and future shipments may be held up and delayed. Fines may also be levied and can be severe.

The Pengellys Customs Team is a dynamic and vibrant team of knowledgeable Customs Brokers.

We each have different strengths and areas of expertise which enable us to consult and discuss as a group to find the best benefits for our clients.

We want to get to know our clients and their products in order to ensure the correct information is applied to your clearances to meet NZ Customs Regulations.

Our efficient team is able to support each other under pressure which enables us to meet deadlines and avoid unnecessary delays.

We continue to strive for better efficiencies, clever workplace systems, continual developing software and up to date hardware, all tailored to ensure our internal and external clients are given the best possible tariff advice and efficiency of service.

The entry procedure can be monitored live via our Glasshouse web system, and all clearance documents are stored on Glasshouse and can be sent to clients in any format. We offer a full costing service which can be be adjusted to any of your requirements.

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